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“You’ll want to create that magical moment when you look around the room and everything is working in harmony” – Colin Crowe

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Sharon Nicholls, owner and head designer

Sharon Nicholls, owner and head designer

At Driftwood Blue Floral Events, we understand that no two Weddings are the same, so rather than offer standard packages, we offer three different levels of services.

Our flowers only option, fresh or artificial we can do both for bridal party bouquets to ceremonies arrangements, and table centrepieces.

Our Set up and Style It option for those who have everything apart from a styling person to have it all done for you

and our Fully Inclusive style & hire option, for those of you who are looking to hire everything you need and a stylist to put it all together!

We would love to meet you over coffee at a place that suits you, or even a video online chat if you don’t have the time to meet face to face.

Our main goal is to make your journey as stress free and seamless as possible and bring your vision to life for your special day!  So I asked myself “can we raise the bar and do better than what’s out there?”

We are generous in what we do…

We believe that generosity and value is truly the key to making magic happen!  From our FREE Consultations over a latte, we understand that all time is precious, so we also offer video online consultations at time and day that suits you.  We really love coffee, so any chance we get to share the love around is a good day and it gives you the chance to get to know us and share your vision for your dream day.

We believe in a can do attitude…

Every single time we do something, there is a reason behind it.  There is a quote by Colin Cowie that we resonate with, “Love is in the detail and no detail should be overlooked”.

On our consultations, every single detail is considered and noted and a copy provided to you for your review afterwards that outlines everything we discussed.  We also believe that checking and double checking is one of the most important things we can do!  We’ll  even send you checklists and two weeks prior to your Wedding Date we’ll meet and finalise everything so you know you’ll be in safe hands every step of the way!

We actively promote our beautiful region…

We love our location, based at the Moreton Bay Region of North Brisbane, where the Glass House Mountains stand proudly and the Hinterland oozes nature and relaxation to the coastal areas of the North where you are comforted with warm breezes and pearly blue back drops of the Pacific Ocean.

There are so many glorious locations and venues to choose from and the feeling you get when you are out there, away from the highways and the suburbs, it’s like no other!

Our aim is to bring you the magic that these locations can offer and create those special moment in time memories!

We are bound by the magic…

It’s like nothing else, from the beaming smiles on the day we deliver, to the wow moments, the goose bumps and all the in-betweens, we truly love what we do and the joy it brings to all our clients!  We are fresh, we are passionate, we are creative, hardworking and we are both bound by the magic that brings your Dreams to Life!

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Below you’ll find the answers to most of your questions you might have.  If you don’t see if here, please reach out to us at driftwoodbluefloral@gmail.com.

When do you order my flowers?

Weddings are considered special orders so our orders need to be placed around 4 weeks prior to your Wedding. This usually occurs after we’ve had our final design session with you.

Has COVID affected the supply and pricing of flowers?

Yes, COVID has affected supply and as a result we have been experiencing both shortages and pricing increases across the board but especially for the popular imported blooms from Equador and Kenya.  With designers turning to locally sourced product it has placed increasing demand on these growers, which in turn is pushing pricing up and pressures on advance ordering requirements.  With every client we always do our very best in sourcing blooms that we’ve discussed however given nature and these other issues, it’s not always possible. We’ll always source suitable substitutes that we know you’ll love.

Can you provide guidance on COVID restrictions?

Yes, we always keep uptodate with the COVID restrictions and have been working with lockdowns and restrictions now since it started in March 2020.  We have also coordinated many Weddings under the COVID Industry Safe Plan for our Industry too, so rest assured we can help.

Do you deliver to my venue?

Yes, as part of our services we deliver to your venue or location on the morning of your Wedding for a minimal fee.  Should you have any styling requirements booked in, we don’t charge you extra.

How fresh are my flowers for my Wedding and will they last?

Absolutely! Your flowers are as fresh as they can possibly be! They are delivered from our suppliers usually as soon as they come in from their local growers or suppliers, so they aren’t sitting around.  We then prep all your flowers by stripping them, cutting them and feeding them allowing them a day of rest in our temperature controlled fridge before we start to use them in our designs.

How are my flowers delivered on the day?

Your bouquets are delivered in a high quality Wedding Box with a water hydration attached to their stems to ensure they are well hydrated before you need them.  They are delivered usually just before your photographer arrives, so they are part of your Wedding picture memories.

Do you do Cake Florals?

Yes, absolutely!  We can work in with your cake baker or supplier by providing a selection of cake florals on the day or we can create cake floral arrangements that can simply be inserted to your cake.  Be sure to have a cake inspiration photo so that we can provide sufficient blooms or create those perfect arrangements.

We always use food grade wire and tape to ensure there’s no issue with toxicity or chemical transference to your cake, so it’s always a safe option for you and your guests.

Do you have everlasting preserved options?

Yes, we have a selection of preserved and dried florals and elements too, so if you are looking to use preserved or dried elements in your bouquets we have you covered!  We also sell these items by the stem too!

When can I book in a consultation with you?

I have consultation timeslots available during the week and some weekends depending on my commitments.  I also have outside business hours for those who don’t have the time during the day.  Please just fill in your details by clicking on the link below and we’ll be in touch!