Our top tips on looking after your Wedding Flowers!

Our top tips on looking after your Wedding Flowers!


Wedding Flowers are an expensive and time consuming part of your Wedding Day!  We love going to the trouble of making sure your blooms are delivered well hydrated and looking spectacular, so you really want to look after them and make sure they are as beautiful as they were when they were first delivered!

Your flowers usually arrive around the same time as your photographer, so there could be quite some time before they’ll take centre stage with you, so to ensure your flowers are kept as fresh as possible, be sure to remember these tips!

Keep them hydrated!

This is the most important thing to remember.  Our flowers will be delivered with a water bomb so keep them stored in your box until you need them.

Keep your flowers cool and out of direct sunlight

Flowers are best kept at room temperature between 18-22 degrees but we all  know that our climate in QLD can get quite hot. So it’s best to keep them in air-conditioning and spray them with a gentle mist with your complimentary water bottle spray every so often. Any heat with cause them to limp and wilt, so choose a room that’s nice and cool.

Do not put your flowers in the fridge, freezer, esky, or any place like this.

Flowers need a specific temperature, too warm or too cold, they won’t last and you are sure to find soggy black frost-bitten flowers if you do!

Remove your water packs

We provide water packs for each of your bouquets, to provide hydration whilst in transport.  Before using your bouquets and about 15 minutes prior to your photographer arriving, make sure to remove these over a sink and dab the stems with a paper towel to mop up any water preventing any drips on your dress.

Your Buttonholes, corsages and hair flowers

These can be left in the crisper of your fridge or stored in a cool room however be sure to keep them close to the front rather than the back. Placing them in the fridge and to the back is colder and they are likely to freeze and end up looking like frozen lettuce.

Make sure you have vases ready filled with water at the reception

So that you can keep them fresh and hydrated all night long, also stopping any bruising or crushing if you lay them down.

Continue to enjoy your flowers after your Wedding Day!

Your flowers are fresh and if looked after well, you should be able to enjoy your flowers 7-10 days after your Wedding Day! Just be sure to cut the stems regularly, spray them with a mist spray and change the water every so often. There are also ways to preserve your bouquets so investigate your options

Have a Wonderful Day and take the time to enjoy your Beautiful Flowers!


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