Planning for a Wedding? Don’t get Lost in the detail, style it like a BOSS!

Planning for a Wedding? Don’t get Lost in the detail, style it like a BOSS!

Create the Wedding you’ve always wanted without all the hassle!

 1.Trying to replicate an image

We are often asked to replicate an image seen on Pinterest or google images.  Image replication is near impossible and injects no creativity or your own style into the design.   Instead, find styles and colours that you love and allow this to be the inspiration that will be used to create an arrangement that’s perfect just for you.

2.Saying no before you know

Have you ever found yourself saying “no I’m not really into flowers” and “we’d rather just have candles for our centrepeices”.  We hear it often, but you’d be surprised how with just the right amount of greenery and flowers, it can soften and create ambience in a space like nothing else! Trust us and be guided by our styling recommendations, and don’t say no before you know.

3.Being closed minded about colours!

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not being open to different colours and flower types.  Many times we see our couples are set on a particular flower or colour palette, without knowing about other cool flowers that are in season or combining certain colours to create the look you are after. The best thing is to be flexible and loose about your colour palette and floral choices.  That way we can find the most beautiful flowers for you and within budget.

4.Thinking you need flowers everywhere!

Some couples think that if you have flowers, then you need to have them on every table and everywhere! This simply isn’t true. Focus on one or two statement pieces like the arbour at the ceremony, the bridal table and a back drop or ceiling drop arrangement for all the memorable and photo worthy moments. Then work with us on your centrepiece styling using a small amount of florals and greenery, with candles, glass vases or gold cubes to tie in your statement pieces and bring it all together.

5.Being flower specific!

Flowers are generally seasonal and availability can be impacted due to weather changes, or other things outside of our control. Unfortunately, there are some blooms are late to season or are an expensive option.  So don’t set your heart on blooms until you know.

6.Choosing your florals without considering your Venue!

Don’t choose your colour palette before considering the existing venue colours.  Also consider the venue’s overall style and colour, as well as the lighting, chairs, linens and place settings offered. Make sure your colour palette aligns with your chosen venue space.

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