Our top 5 tips on choosing a stylist for your Wedding

Our top 5 tips on choosing a stylist for your Wedding


When searching for a service do you always base your decision on price alone? I’m guessing most of you would answer no. You would take a look at your options, weigh up all the pros and cons and make a decision based on the value offering and what you need.

When choosing a floral and design stylist, there should be no difference. Doing what we do, we are always looking at how we can add value for our clients and there needs to be a great connection! We definitely aren’t the cheapest, but we are affordable, work within your budget and provide a whole lot of added value!

and besides…we know everyone works to a budget and once you’ve locked someone in at a cheaper price, you may just end up with something that’s not quite right. At Driftwood Blue Floral Events, we take the time to get to know you and your vision, even if that vision evolves and changes over time, so that we can deliver exactly what you want! After all, it’s your day!

Here are our top 5 reasons why your Wedding Day is worth more than just the cheapest price!

When choosing your floral or styling provider, make sure their focus is on you!

Our clients are our business, so we do everything we can to engage positively and create trust so that we can deliver exactly what you want for a fair and reasonable price.  We offer FREE consultations to all our clients, this helps us work out if we are the right fit for your concept and if you have a budget, we’ll work with you towards your budget goals. If you are unsure of your style or theme, we can help you through that too!

When comparing suppliers ask about any added value offerings and always consider response times !

Service is our number one priority, so you’ll hear back from us not within 24-48 hours but immediately.  Being a small family run business, we are always looking to add extra value from our free consultations, hints and tips guides, to our countdown checklists and accessibility and our gift wrapped wedding boxes and provided spray canisters, we are always looking for ways to provide our clients added value.  Ask us what else we offer

Choose a floral or stylist designer who you can trust and who has spent time to get to know you and your vision!

“But it’s just a bunch of flowers”… if this sounds like you, then we probably aren’t what you are looking for, there are lots of florists around that can do that. We don’t just put bouquets together, we are in the business of helping you create the Day of your Dreams! And this means providing more than just a bunch of flowers, it’s about your vision, your journey and yes creating the feels and at the end of it all, beautiful memories and pictures of your perfect day! After all, you might spend thousands of dollars on photography and videography, so make it worth the while and work with someone who can create your floral and design style, to best capture the essence of your day!

Choose a floral or stylist designer who get’s you!

Styling and design businesses are everywhere these days and are mostly trying to give everything to everyone.  That’s where we are different. We love creating designs inspired by nature with an organic edge, so if you are looking for someone who can work with the natural surrounds of your venue, or bring a natural vibe and feel to your function space, we work with you on your design to achieve the look and feel you are really going for.

Don’t just rely on quotes alone!

We don’t just provide quotes…meeting face to face, early on in the relationship is important to us so that we can learn more about your style and discuss your ideas and possibly help with inspiration and budget goals. This way, you can get a feel for us too and we can inject some value and make you feel at ease.  Equally important is taking the time to make our clients feel like they are our highest priority through our ongoing communication and engagement.  We never leave anything unanswered and always respond as quickly as we can to any enquiries.

And lastly we truly love what we do, it shows and our clients love it too!



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