I’m engaged…now how do I start planning my Wedding?

I’m engaged…now how do I start planning my Wedding?

For most of newly engaged couples, this is a daunting task so many seek out your friends advice, your colleagues, your mum, anyone who’s been there before…and that’s totally normal.  You will get a ton of information, some great and not so great stories about experiences and some good and no so good advice. You will also seek out information on the Internet, researching Pinterest images to find your style, and looking into ideas.

I’ve been there and it’s an exciting and challenging task and depending on how you like to do things and how involved you like to be, these tips below should help most of you get started and off on the right track!

Be Flexible with your Wedding date

Your Wedding Date is pretty important especially when you consider how many others around you might be wanting the exact same date as you. So, try and be flexible on this and if you are seeking to save costs consider a mid week or Thursday Wedding as this usually comes with a lower cost if you are considering a venue. It’s best to consider the month or season and if you are considering an outdoor Wedding take a look at weather patterns and you’ll probably need a PLAN B option in case!

Set up an EMAIL address for your Wedding plans

By keeping your Wedding plans separate from your personal or work email, you will be able to manage all the communications a whole lot easier!  We all know how full our email inboxes can get and you don’t want to miss any important ones that slide into your Junk or Spam inbox by accident!

Set up a Wedding Pinterest Board

The first thing many of you do will check out Pinterest and it’s a great tool for working out your style and what you do and don’t like. So when you find images you like, you can just save them to your board, just like a virtual Wedding folder.   You can also keep it a secret board and invite whoever you like to plan with you!  Your besties are always a great option to help bounce ideas off, so it’s a great way to involve them in the planning process.  Be careful though, you don’t want too many opinions!

Create a list of vendors you love and create a budget

Excel is a great way to do this and manage your budgeting but there are also many other great tools out there to help you with managing everything. Once you’ve researching your ideas, vendors and price points, consider your budget and what is achievable within your time frame.  Also consider what you are prepared to spend for on your Wedding Day, by itemising the costings against all the items this will give you an overall picture. Consider each Vendor and decide if it’s a MUST HAVE or a MAYBE and this will help you consider where you may be able to reduce your costs.  This will help you consider what is important to you for your Wedding Day

Plan together. Involve your partner as much as he/she wants to be

You’ve heard a similar saying, those who plan together stay together! It’s always best to plan together and chat about your ideas together so that you are both on the same page. This will help you to both enjoy the planning journey and by separating areas into achievable chunks and maybe even delegating roles to each other, it won’t be so overwhelming!  This is an enjoyable and exciting part of your life so have fun with it!

If you would like to chat more with me and find out what we can help you with, reach our for a chat! I’d love to be on this journey with you!  Email me to schedule a chat at sharon@driftwoodbluefloralevents.com.au


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