Our top 4 MUST HAVE TOP TIPS to help you get the most out of your Wedding Florals

Our top 4 MUST HAVE TOP TIPS to help you get the most out of your Wedding Florals

Use your arrangements from your Ceremony and take them to your Reception

If you are having a ceremony, you are going to need some flowers or styling, right?  So we always suggest, to save on your budget, use these arrangements at your reception. Bridal tables need a centrepiece, so why not use your arbour arrangement for your middle centrepiece and some scattered florals and greenery to fill out the rest of the table. Just be sure talk about your plans to us, so we can help you create your vision.

Florals don’t need to go everywhere

You’ll just need a few statement pieces and integrate these with your theme by using other styling items.  Don’t feel pressured into having florals everywhere, it’ll just get way too overwhelming for you and your guests and it will blow out any budget.

Have you heard the saying less is more? You really just need a few main centrepieces, a hanging floral piece works wonders in a reception space.  Also use your bridal table for this purpose and focus on getting some amazing ornate pieces to integrate with your floral styling and your theme. Vintage cutlery, matching napkins and plating are a perfect example if you are going for a vintage type. The same for dark and moody themes.  Don’t be afraid of using black plating with gold candelabras with burgundy’s and moody mauve florals, they look amazing together!

Why we advise against using your bridesmaid bouquets for your bridal table

We get asked this all the time, using your bridesmaid bouquets for your bridal table.  If the budget really doesn’t allow something else then we say go for it but be careful.  They really do take a beating during the day and might look a little worse for wear by the time you all sit down at your reception. Another issue to consider is how they will be hydrated to keep fresh and if the stems will be too long for low vases. Just make sure you chat to us about your plans, be open and we can work with you to create a plan. Besides, you’ve paid good money for your beautiful bouquets, you don’t want them destroyed in one day!

How to enjoy your flowers after your Wedding!

Your flowers have been selected fresh and lovingly prepared for your Wedding so follow these simple steps to make sure you enjoy them after your Wedding Day.  Keep them hydrated by asking the venue to provide a vase with water and pop them in a spot where you can enjoy viewing them from. After your Wedding Day, cut the stems and pop them in a vase (that has been washed with bleach) with fresh water. Add 1 cup of lemonade (not diet) and 1 teaspoon of bleach to stop any bacteria growth.  Cut your stems regularly to refresh them and change the water every couple of days! Your flowers should last you another 7-10 days if you follow these steps and perhaps even longer!

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